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WQ/QW Submersible Sewage Pump Manufacturers/Dirty water pump


WQ submersible sewage pump is developed digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology similar products on the basis of a successful, efficient, anti-winding, non-blocking, automatic coupling, high reliability and automatic control, etc., in the carriage of solid particles and long fiber refuse , has a unique feature.

WQ submersible sewage pump is small, compact, high efficiency, the water level can be automatically controlled according to user requirements, with automatic protection devices and control cabinets, dual-rail system is installed automatically.



WQ sewage pump is mainly used for municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, hotels, restaurants and other industries. For sludge, waste, urban sewage discharge conveyor belt and a variety of solid long fibers (including corrosive, aggressive media applications).


18.5KW more external circulating water pump automatic cooling, to ensure the safe operation of the electric pump at the lowest level status.

Tt the upper end of the pump and motor oil chamber equipped with water probe for monitoring the implementation of the water pump mechanical seal, once the leak, the control system will alarm protection.

Vice impeller for balancing mechanical seal external pressure, prevent water from entering the oil chamber, thus extending the life of the pump.

Impeller design unique, large passage through the long fibers and dirt, anti-clogging, anti-winding, high flow capacity.

Fitted between the impeller and volute lower end of the replaceable wear sleeve to keep the pump running at optimum efficiency.

Operation Mode            

 the motor rated voltage 380V, frequency 50HZ three-phase AC power.

 the transmission medium temperature does not exceed 40oC.

 transmission fluid medium PH value 4-10.

 the solid phase material transport medium volume ratio of less than 2%.

 the transmission medium density of less than 1.2 × 103Kg / m3

Product  Description  


WQ Series cutting submersible pumps for sewage pump
WQ Series cutting submersible pumps for sewage pump
automatic control electric submersible sewage water pump
automatic control electric submersible sewage water pump
Vertical dewatering sewage submersible pump
Vertical dewatering sewage submersible pump
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