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Aerator wastewater submersible mixers


QJB submersible mixer as a water treatment process is one of the key equipment in the water treatment process, the biochemical processes can be realized in solid-liquid two-phase flow and homogeneous solid-liquid-gas flow, the flow of process requirements. It consists of submersible motor, impeller and mounting system, etc.



Stirring to create a flow for the month, to improve water quality, increase oxygen content in water, effectively prevent the deposition of suspended solids 
Conditions of Use
In order to ensure the normal to make diving mixer, please select the correct working environment and operating mode

Maximum medium temperature does not exceed 40 degrees; and PH range: 5-9; 
Medium density not exceeding 1150Kg / m 'diving deeper than 10m. 

Mixer must be fully submerged underwater diving work, not flammable and corrosive and high temperature environments   


♦ Compact structure,small volume,light weight, easy operation maintenance,fast installation,long service life etc.

♦ The blade has the self-cleaning function, can prevent sundries wind,blocking

♦ Can combine with aeration system to make energy reduced greatly, greatly increase oxygen volume, effective prevent sediment.

♦ Motor winding is F grade insulation, protection grade is IP68.

♦ All fastener is stainless steel

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QDT type submersible flow propeller
QDT type submersible flow propeller
submersible mixer
submersible mixer
Aerator wastewater submersible mixers
Aerator wastewater submersible mixers
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