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ZX series self-priming centrifugal farm irrigation water pump


ZW series self-priming pump made by our company is developed after our digestion, assimilation and improvement of domestic and foreign relevant technical data, which is a energy-saving kind of pump production. The pump is a kind of self-suction centrifugal pump, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, steady running, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-suction ability and so on. It doesn't need a foot valve on the pipeline, and just need to ensure that there is quantificational inducting oil stored in the pump case before work, so as to simplify the pipeline system and improve the working condition.



1.It is suitable for city environment protection, buildings, fire fighting, chemical industry, pharmacy, coloring matter, printing and dyeing, brewing, power generation, plating, papermaking, industrial and mineral washing, and equipment cooling and so on.

2. After a radial blow head is fixed, it can shoot water into the air and let it scatter into drops and spray, which is a good tool for farms, nurseries, orchards and tea gardens. 

3. It is suitable for seawater and chemical media liquid containing acidity or alkalinity and common mushy slurry (medium viscosity≤100 centipoises, solid content≤30%). 

4. It can be used auxiliary with a press filter of any type and specification, and is the best auxiliary pump to transport slurry to the press filter to process.


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Electric self-priming water pump sewage pump
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