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submersible mixer for water treatment

submersible mixer for water treatment






      Also called diving submersible mixer propeller, applicable to the sewage treatment plant in the process of advancing mixing wastewater containing suspended solids, dilute liquid such as mud, industrial process, create water, strengthen the stir function, prevent sludge sedimentation, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment process on the important equipment. Divided into mixed submersible mixer, low-speed diving mixer.


Application :


  Low speed plud flow series mixer apply to the aeration pond and anaerobic pond of industrial and municipal sewage treatment plant ,it generate low tangential flow ,can be used in circulate and nitration,denitriding and dephosphorize section to create flow.

Mixing blend series agitator apply to the liquid which contain suspended matter in sewage treatment plant and industrial process.


   Low-speed driving flow series products adopt cycloidal reducer or gear speed reducer, equipped with small power, low speed, impeller diameter, wide service area. Impeller made of polyurethane materials and aluminum alloy moulds (also using glass fiber reinforced plastic material), high strength, corrosion resistance is strong, not only have the functions of mixing the outside can also have a function of pushing flow and create water flow.

Performance Characteristic 

1.Compact structure ,simple operate maintenance ,easy installation ,long service life.

2.The impeller with the best hydralic design,high work efficiency .

3.Can be mixed with aeration system ,to reduce energy consumption ,obnious improve oxygen          filling volume ,effective to prevent sediment .

4.Motor winding insulation calss F ,protection class IP68 ,selection of imported bearings and a          unique patented motor anti-condensation device to make the motor work more safe and reliable 

5.Two way mechanical seal ,material is monocarbide ,all exposure fastener is stainless steel.







Aerator wastewater submersible mixers
Aerator wastewater submersible mixers
Industry submersible mixer for sewage treatment
Industry submersible mixer for sewage treatment
Water treatment process key equipment submersible mixer
Water treatment process key equipment submersible mixer
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