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10kw submersible sewage mixer pump 304 submerged mixer submersible wastewater mixer anoxic

10kw submersible sewage mixer pump 304 submerged mixer submersible wastewater mixer anoxic




Capability feature
1 QJB type mixing compact structure, the operation and maintenance is simple, easy installation and maintenance and long service life;
2 impeller has the best hydraulic design structure, high efficiency, sweptback blade with consecrated themselves function, can prevent sundry winding, blocked;
3 and aeration system mixed use can make the energy consumption greatly reduced oxygen filling, improved obviously, effectively prevent precipitation;
4 motor winding insulation class F grade, protection grade for IP68, choose high quality bearing and electric device to make the motor cleansing described the work of safety; more
5 two way mechanical seal or double seals, material of tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide (or silicon carbide-silicon carbide);

Performance parameters
Mixer in the rated voltage is 380 V, frequency for 50 HZ ac performance parameters are as follows:



Submersible mixer used in industrial and urban sewage treatment plants aeration pool and anaerobic tand, it produces low cut the flow of water to strong, can be used for water circulation in pond and nitrification, nitrogen and phosphorus stage to create water, etc.
Applicable scope
In the following conditions should be mixer can normal run continuously:
1 the highest temperature of the medium no more than 40 ° C;
2 medium PH value in between five to nine;
3 liquid density of not more than 1150 kg/m3;
4 the long-term diving operation, diving depth in general not more than 20 m.


Special Warning:The submersible mixer must operate in the complete submersible into water and cannot operate in the inflammable,explosive,highly corrosive and high-temperature environment.In line with the requirement for the special environment,our company can provide the special design to the users.







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