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Product Name:
lab user batch chemical reactor for research labs for customization

Product Name

lab user batch chemical reactor for research labs for customization


Production Description


Batch chemical reactor has made up by the following several parts: shell body, the gas distribution device, internal components, so the heat exchange device, gas-solid separation device, solid particles and discharging device.
 Batch chemical reactor should has a good design of the following parameters: Bed type, bed diameter, bed height, the distribution plate and the pattern of distribution and structure parameters, the type and structure of the internals, dust collection system, so the heat exchange system, feeding and conveying system.
The most reasonable parameters can be calculated by professional fluid simulation software and several of calculation function. Meanwhile, integrated control system can realize the automatic control system.
According to the size of the Reactor and the different design, the device can be used as a set of evaluation unit or designed as a complete set of production equipment.


Exquisite design based on fluidization technology
The heating transfer has been enhanced between fluid and solid, even temperature
The heating transfer between benchtop layer and the pipe wall has been enhanced too
Conveying liquid particles likes fluid
The reaction and regeneration would be continuous working
Solid particles with heat transfers, saving energy
Can be used as cold simulation of the system or production of hot system;
System high degree of automatic control, automatically control and monitor by DCS system



Size Non-standard design
Weight Non-standard design
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Operational Environment 0-50 C, 5%-95%Rh
Process Module Feed, separation, transfer, reaction and regeneration
Reactor Bottom of the cylindrical, cone and stainless steel material
Pre-distribution of Gas Bend type, reduction type, concentric circular cone, flower is aspersed, guide plate structure, etc
Heating Exchanger Single tube and tube bundle type, ring.
Gas-solid Separator Cyclone separator and bag dust removal.
Feedstock Gravity flow, mechanical transmission, pneumatic conveyor
Pressure Wind pressure tube measures inlet Pressure and outlet Pressure
Sample Volume According to the design of system, it’s from the laboratory to industrial grade
Material Transfer Riser under air transfer material
Pneumatic Valve Air driven valve, L or u-shaped structure
Gas Stream Forward Air blower
Automatic Control PLC system control, control? velocity, preheating temperature
Installation Whole device prizing device
Testing of Product‘s Component With bypass interface shunt, Connection GC ,gas analysis,process method
Continuous Working Long cycle of continuous working
Safety Automatic safety device

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