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Product Name:
Surface Area & Porosity Analyzer

Product Name

Surface Area & Porosity Analyzer 



Specific surface area and porosity are the important physical parameter of porous materials, They are typically measured by physical adsorption method. Under the condition of a certain cold shower, the analyzer would choose the appropriate gas adsorption, and let the gas molecules adsorbed on the entire surface of the sample that would be tested, the indirect research of specific surface and porosity properties of pore materials would be taken by sensors.
The basic principle of instrument is based on temperature physical adsorption instrument of static volumetric method. So the instrument can have many data analysis such as single point, multi-point BET specific surface area, Langmuir, the BJH pore surface area, pore distribution, total entrance and the square measure of the data analysis. Measure range of specific surface area is from 0.01 M2/g to unlimited, the range of aperture analysis is from 0.35nm to 500nm.
The Instrument adopts the one-piece valve group structure, which is effective to avoid the temperature to influence the results of analysis. Intelligent type of liquid nitrogen consumption error calculation method can 
avoid the liquid nitrogen level drop to influence analysis of the structure.




Under the condition of small gas partial pressure, only a small amount of gas can contact with the sample surface, and then absorbable molecule can move freely on the surface, more and more absorbable molecule can 
form a membrane on the surface of the sample, the specific surface of the sample can calculate according to the BET and the Langmuir theory.
By increase the gas pressure, the surface will form a multilayer adsorption,the multilayer molecules will form the internal condensation phenomenon in some holes,which known as capillary condensation. Because the methods like BJH can calculate the aperture, pore size distribution can easily get. When adsorption equilibrium pressure tends to saturation, the holes is completely filled with adsorbate. At this moment, the total entrances and the average entrance can be calculated and the adsorption isotherm can be drawn. 
If stripping followed by adsorption saturation, the gas pressure can gradually reduce, thereby the adsorption can strip off from the hole slowly, and stripping isotherm can be drawn. According to the nature of the isothermal adsorption, stripping and formation of the hysteresis loop can determine the type.of pore structure and adsorption.




Mainly used for powder's surface area and pore analysis

-Ultrafine powder,nanometer,particle,fibrous material;
-Research of materials science,adsorption science;
-Battery,stored energy,magnetic materials;
-Catalyst,adsorbent,carrier material;
-Electronic materials,organic synthesis materials,geology;




Vacuum volumetric method of specific surface area and porosity analyzer, Comply with the national standard:GB/T 19587-2004
Apply to specific surface and porosity measure on pore or micropore, measurement process is complete automatic
Intelligent gas system,automatically select refined /Rough gas intake mode,consider analysis precision and efficiency as well
High vacuum system, the max vacuum degree up to 10-6Pa
Preset pressure controlled accurately by servo valve and magnetic valve
High thermal insulation dewar with temperature protection jacket, heating preservation effect would be better
Pirani vacuum gauge sensor,measurement under high vacuum pressure would be more accurate
A variety of Optional analysis of gas and baths in cold environment




Control Mode   Automatic controlled by software

Communication mode    RS485, upgraded to the USB or network interface

Built-in Detector   Three pressure sensors, including a pressure sensor of pirani vacuum silicon

Analysis station   1~3

Volume of sampling   0.1-3mL

Reaction Gas   N2, Ar,CO2

Gas Purity>99.995 %

Calibration Gas     He

Control of Gas Flow     PID

Sample Cell      Erect type, quartz material, half- round bottom

Degassing Station   1-3 degassing stations of built-in,6 degassing stations of external sample cell.

All in One Valve Unit   Integrated valve bank, pile-up valve, gas circuit, pressure sensor

Vacuum System      Two-stage rotary vacuum pump, turbo molecular pump if necessary

Vacuum Purity    1*10-2 pa, 1*10-6 pa can be reached if on the condition of molecular pump

Dewar    2L-4L high capacity, staying warm is no more than 100 hours

Jacking System     Automatically controlled by lift

Software    Dedicated analysis workstation of software,based on Windows platform software

Data Export   Support TXT text output,which makes the exchange data with drawing tools like Origin more convenient

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