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Product Name:
Chemisorption Analyzer TPD/TPR/TPO

Product Name

Chemisorption Analyzer TPD/TPR/TPO





Achieve 25 kinds experiments such as TPR,TPD,TPO,TPSR,pulse titration, pretreatment BET specific surface area ,Precious metal dispersity
Be suitable to 3 groups of carrier Gas,3 groups of reaction gas, and also can be extended to more extra 1-6 reaction gases
Gas flow control used by Digital Mass Flow Control (DMFC)
Reactor has many kinds of materials such as quartz, SS316L, and the proof pressure is up to 10MPa
Two and a half type tubular, the max temperature is up to 1100C, fast heating, cooling with cooling module
Built-in highly sensitive TCD ,FID, MS
Analysis workstation software can perform automatic controlling and analyze the dates that are collected
Quantitative analysis has an accurate precision, Adsorption Quantity, BET and Precious Metals Dispersity are quite accurate with good repeatability




Operational Environment :0-50 C, 5%-95%Rh
Control Method :Software automatic controlling
Communication Methods :RS-485, upgraded to the USB or network interface
Built-in Detector :Superior sensitive TCD Detector Micro sample cell
Carrier Gas :He, Ar, N2, H2
Carrier Gas purity >99.995%
Reaction Materials :NH3, CO, CO2, H2,Methanol, ethanol, pyridine
Gas Flow Control :Digital Mass flow controller (DMFC) control, precision1%
Sample Volume :10-500mg
Reactor U Type, Quartz or SS316L , ID6mm, OD8mm, Pits or variable diameter
High Temperature Furnace Stainless steel shell tube furnace,Two structure,max temperature 1100C,Max High heating rate100C/min
Gas Circuit Switch Germany Bukert magnetic valve, Switzerland VICI Plane switch valve
Vapor Generator Soft package heating, temperature controller control
Constant current source 0-100mA, 0.1%precision, 1mAstep
Detector Micro TCD Detector, Min discriminable volume1*10-4cm3/g
Precision Veracity1%, Repeatability1%
Continuous Working Long cycle of continuous working
Anticorrosion Under the optimal situation, it can support acid-resistance, perbasic concentration gas 
Software Special analysis workstation software, base on Windows platform
Data Export Support TXT Text Output, which makes the exchange data with drawing tools like Origin more convenient

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