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Fixed bed Tubular reactors

Fixed bed tubular  reactor 

or "Laboratory Reactor",which is mainly applied in the field of petroleum, chemical
synthesis, the preparation, evaluation and analysis of catalyst and research of
reaction dynamics.
It is a universal gas-liquid-solid catalyst reaction instrument for medium voltage
and low voltage, which mainly include fixed metal reactor and temperature-programmed
furnace. The system reactant could be extended by multiple gas lines, liquid lines and
accommodates different conditions. Reaction temperature could continuously be constant
operated or unstable operated of temperature-programmed method. The reactor gas and
chromatography carrier gas could be used as the method of parallel connection and series
connection, the reactant could be sampling through switch valve and six-way valve and online



-Used for micro-reactor evaluation under the normal pressure, such as evaluation of environment catalyst and SCR.
-Gas would be controlled by MFM( Mass Flow Meter) after out of cylinder. The accuracy of measurement for MFM less than 0.2%.
-Stainless steel 316 applied in device pipeline which is more durable than 304.
-Mixed tank, solid collector, cooler and inner components are all used of 316 stainless steel.
-Micro-reactor matched with online chromatographic analyzes applies for injection and exhaust gas annalists. The injection and exhaust gas port
shall be reversed for connecting with chromatography. The thermocouple in reactor could display catalyst bed temperature.
-Parameter of vertical tube heating furnace:
-Operation temperature: RT-900℃
Precision for temperature control:+1 ℃or -1 ℃ open type
Insulation Level: F level
Protection Level: IP 54
-Control system:
Controlling gas flow, temperature, over- temperature alarm, sampling switch valve of injection and exhaust gas.
Displaying catalyst bed temperature, online analysis of injection and exhaust gas.
-Sufficient desiccant, easy demolition for external desiccator
-Easy demolition of solid collector.


Benchtop Type ,Intelligentialize micro reactor,used for the evaluation of fixed bed process
Automatic control model, including flow,temperature,separate,online analysis
Optional specifications reactor, including different material, different size, different constructional design
optional specifications of high temperature furnaces, including different size, different temperature range, different heating method
The design of liquid-gas module is reasonable, no condensation piping system
The reasonable design of gas liquid separation system, if liquid discharging, no effects on the pressure drop of the entire system
Automatically control by software and based on PC control system, which has a strong real-time capability and stable property
Safety , margin pressure of system has left a little space to develop, annuciator, automatic processing of failure

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Fixed Bed Reactor
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